For bring speed and efficiency in work

OliverSoft specializes in the implementation of IT solutions. our goal is to find an effective solution to our customers, then we offer customized software, the effective maintenance of computer systems, computer consulting service, and sales of quality computer materials.


- Analys and concption of Project and/or

  computer systems

- Audit project and computer system

- IT audit and advice 


- Design and development of custom

  software and database

- Design and development of web

  application and databases

- design and development of website


- Installation of system et computer network

- configuration of network system repair

  and maintenance of network

- Intranet and bandwidth service provider

- Internet service provider


We garnty a good maintenance of IT system et computer, maintenance of software et databases.

we provide good security system to garanty the security of your data and your IT system and / or computer.


the ICT has become very indispensable nowadays.

So we provide training in computer fiels but we are limited on the updated skills of our customers.

training contracts has large scale and limited duration.


We provide computer hardware only on order. and are limited to the provision of computers, desktop and laptop, tablet, server. the materials networks such as switch, router, cable SFTP, antennas and more accessory.